It's a Wig Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Queen

It's a wig

It's a Wig L-FRN Wig-Queen-1 Jet BLK

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It's a Wig collection - It's a Wig Cap Lace Front Wig
It is 100% Human Hair, Tangle Free!!!
Why It's a Wig lace front wig is the Best?

1. Hair can be parted anywhere you want!
- No more bangs all the times! Be unlimited with various hair styles by doing center part, left part, right part or any part you want.

2. The invisible, flawless and undetectable hairline.
- Not all lace wigs are the real thing. Some lace fronts still show your hair line. For a totally invisible hairline, you need the right lace material, a superior sewing method and many other factors. Our is the best!

3. Match your skin color.
- The lace matrix is plainly visible many times. Our carefully selected colors of our lace will surprise you with how it blends well with your skin.

4. Control Hair density
- When too much or too little of hair around the hair line, it looks very unnatural. How about ours? It looks like hair growing from your skin.

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