Motown Tress Human Hair WiG H-RUBI

Motown Tress

Motown Tress WiG H-RUBI-1 Jet BLK

  • Motown Tress Human Hair Wig
  • Straight Style

Washing&Care Instruction

To restore the beauty of your Motown Tress human hair piece, wash it by hand in the following manner

1, Brish the piece thoroughly to remove teasing and tangles.

2, Soak the piece in cold or lukewarm water with mild wig shampoo. This will help to dissolve make-up, oil and dust.

3, Switch gently until the piece is fully washed. Rinse in cold or lukewarm water until all shampoo residue is gone.

4, Rinse again with wig conditioner for shine and softness.

5, Allow the piece to dry naturally by hanging it on a plastic wig wtand or laying it on a towel.

6, When piece is completely dry, start brushing by brushing out the tips first.

7, Most curls will snap back to the original shape. Should you need to change the style, use a curling iron or hair dryer on low heat setting with a fine mist of hair spray made for quality human hair pieces

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