Sensationnel Synthetic Instant half wig HZ 7058


Sensationnel INST-WV SYNT H-W HZ 7058- P4/30 MX


Offers a finished, natural look, easily applied with a comfortable fit. High Quality Synthetic Hair Instant Weave Versatile Style in an Instant!

Sensationnel Synthetic Half Wig gives you that comfort that you can fully adjust within 1 minute. A perfect fit for your everyday life that doesn't take up too much time and money to get you feeling and looking beautiful.


-Part the hair from ear to ear and comb forward. Insert front comb
-Push cap down and insert back comb
-Comb hair over part and blend hair to desired look


-Fill basin with lukewarm water
-Add a little amount of mild shampoo in cold water
-Rinse thoroughly in cold water
-Shake out excessive water
-Hang until completely dry
-Brush into desired style after completely dry
-No settrings is necessary as curls will snap back into position when hair is completely dry
-Do not brush, blow dry, or heat style while wet - will damage fiber
-Do not use curling irons or other heating appliances

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